A colloquial term for castoreum, the yellowish secretion from the anal glands and castor sacs of the American and European beaver. The secretion is expressed from the glands as a liquid or included in a powdered form of the dried glands in a wide variety of products as a natural fragrance and food flavoring agent.
I used to like the smell of Guerlain "Shalimar" until I found out it's made with real beaver juice.
by DisgustingTruth October 06, 2012
Top Definition
beaverjuice is a nickname for either the period discharge or cum of a female
beaver is slang for vagina so you can see where the term comes from
The girl i banged last night had smelly beaverjuice!
by CameronG July 19, 2005
The juices produced usually from a female homosapien vaginal area. usually used for lubricating the objects for entrance.
Tom: Your sister's Beaver Juice was all over my lap!

Jimmy: Actually my sister just has a weak bladder.
by blue bolas June 29, 2005
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