1. an intestinal disorder characterized by abnormal frequency and fluidity of fecal evacuations to the point that nothing comes out.

2. when you have diarhea so much that your butt is having dry heaves...also known as having the beavs

Dave had so much diarhea that he felt empty and was having a case of the beavs.

by Robin J Miller January 20, 2008
Top Definition
When a woman wearing a skirt or dress sits with her legs spread and gives people a view of what is underneath.
Anne was sitting in a gathering area on campus and didn't realize her legs were spread while she was wearing a skirt. She beaved several people on campus.
by New English March 29, 2009
girls, women, ladies, hoes, bitches
kevin- "lets hit up the beach today."
aaron- "okay but there better be some hot beav there!"
by farts2007 October 27, 2006
(Verb)-To bounce on a couch, with your legs crossed, arms up, and flailing your arms
Man did you see her beaving last night?
by Beaven September 29, 2013
Commonly known as wank virginity, a beav is someone who has never experimented with their tackle.
J you're such a beav
Fuck off guys, i'm no beav.
Whatever beavs, you're so gay right now.
by Benedict Arnold Hibberto March 25, 2008
Term used to describe someone who says or does something they shouldn't to a person they are chatting up (something that sounds a bit pathetic or shameful - in a non romantic way, just bad flirting)
Mate, you can't double text her, you will look like a right beav!
by YouHaventHeard? March 04, 2012
An extremely annoying person. Indigenous to the rivers of Oregon. Enjoys chomping on large logs and making them into wood chips. If you hear the piercing call of the Beavs, "HUUUEEEYYY", you should probably run because it is near. Also referred to as Clint Eatswood or Clit tickler in some areas. Weighing in at a ferocious 80 lbs, this beast will destroy anything in its path if it is having a Mc'meltdown.
Guy 1-Aaaww look at the adorable little beavs coming from the river.
Guy 2-Dude i'v heard that those things go on massive Mc'meltdowns. We should probably just leave it alone.
by NigelThornberry69 April 27, 2011
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