A combination of the two words most and beautiful.
That flower is beautimus.
by Harvy Putrid May 17, 2007
Top Definition
Very beautiful, tres chick, exuding good tastes or looks.
That Prada skirt looks beautimus on you, dahling.
by Nicool Fletcher March 04, 2003
a whole 'nother level above beautiful
You are absolutly beautimus!
by Beezo256 May 29, 2011
1.)The most beautiful ....EVER!
That diamond is Beautimus!
by A.Enraged April 29, 2008
A fabulous word used by gay wizards to describe inappropriate admiration.
My dear sweet Frodo is so beautimus.
by StuPidasso April 13, 2010
Sexually attractive
That slut is a beautimus whore
by Cyrus Frost April 08, 2015
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