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A very expensive necklace worn by troglodytes who think random blurts of bass notes is music. Made of plastic and prone to snapping when actually used, they are considered useless for listening to music made by actual musicians. The fact you see them ever so "subtly" advertised in every popular music video of the past two years should be enough to prove they're nothing more than a branded fashion accessory.
Parent "I spent $200 on these Beats By Dre headphones, why the hell aren't you using them to listen to music?"

Kid "Holy shit, I can listen to music on these?"
by Dumaitis October 01, 2011
Overpriced headphones for overpriced phones worn by teenagers who don't know shit about music and thinks its so cool to own them. The worst thing is that apple just bought them.
After borrowing Sepo's Beats by Dre i made short trip to the dumpster and threw them in there without remorse , and proceeded to buy him a pair of Panasonic's for just 7$.... Later that day......


Sepehr " hey bro can i have my beats back"
Me " they in the dumpster where they belong."
Sepehr " (Detonates Himself) Face Book "Active 2 seconds ago"
by Tight_pussy June 04, 2014
The best headphones in the world with precision-engineered, advanced speaker design, powered amplification, and powered noise cancellation, you hear music the way today’s top artists and producers want you to hear.
Kelz: Hey, what are those sexy headphones you got?
Dom: They're the Beats By Dre, the sound quality is AMAZING, plus they do look really SEXY too!!
by KelKelzBaby November 29, 2009
the best headphones known to man. they were made by dr. dre, and have the best sound quality known to man. they come in different colors and some versions are wireless. also the freshest (best looking) headphones to wear.
Tommy: yo are those beats by dre?
bob: yea they are AMAZING
Tommy: damn, thise are fuckin fresh to death
by suckithardson January 09, 2012
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