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A fantastic single from Michael Jackson's album Thriller. Michael Jackson's dancing, in the music video, breks up a knife fight. Score!
Beat It features a guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen.
#beat #it #michael #jackson #thriller
by Bjorn Turok November 19, 2007
(Tell a person to leave)
If you don't like somebody just tell them beat it
by 50 Cent March 23, 2003
A Single From the Best Selling Album of All Time, "Michael Jackson's Thriller." His dance skills and singing is used to break up and prevent a Knife Fight.
Beat It features a guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen.
#michaeljackson #beat it #thriller #track 5 #owwww
by MJJ Productions© July 14, 2009
1) Leave, get the fuck out of here
Ayy you,yea you, BEAT IT.
#leave #kick rocks #get outta here #scram #dip
by Johnny Latts September 24, 2006
A slang synonym for masturbate
I like to beat it while watching lesbian porn.
by LordMelkor July 20, 2005
Dismissive term used to indicate your disinterest or desire not to be involved. Often accompanied by a casually dismissive wave of the backhand. Should always be used with a tone of superiority.
mc: dood, that drunk broad was all over you.
dm: word, I told'er to beat it.

bum: excuse me miss/sir, can you please spare some change
dm: beat it
#dismiss #superior #attitude #fired #wave
by Ramreezy November 07, 2005
When a man stimulates his own penis for pleasure
When a guy rejects one too many offers to beat it up, he's left to beat it in the bathroom.
#choke the chicken #fap #penis #self love #jizz
by D in the B December 03, 2013
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