to mess/beat up wit niggas that r smaller than you
Why u keep beastin' on them youngin's, u might kill him
by The Realest February 24, 2003
Tearing up some pussy
Room mate: Damn dude, you think you were loud enough?

Other Room mate: Sorry dude, I was beastin that shit.
by Alay October 19, 2007
1. (n)Title for Being exceptionally brilliant at call of duty 4 (and or 5)
2. (v)The act of having a very high skill, survival rate, kill count, and high kill/death ratio.
3. (adj)Often used as an adjective for rapin' call of duty so hard.
4. (v) A mental, physical, and spiritual rage in which you have no recollection of your surroundings, while all of your focus is on the tv, that can't be stopped until you are killed.
Is some times referred to as 'bstn, beastin', beasting, or beastN.
1. "Have you seen him play call of duty 4? He's beastin'!"
2. "Dude he didn't die once that game and killed 35 people... he has to be beastin'!!"
3. "That game right there was beastin'."
4. "He can't hear you... he's in his beastin' mode..."
by Keifmate February 19, 2009
when u do something that makes someone mad or makes someone think u went overboard.
For ex, you beastin' yo, why u actin' up or you beastin' with that kechup.
by Jenny January 27, 2004
unashamedly looking at tangy birds
'see cos the birds've got the summer gear oot, the beastin' is amazin'

'see him? hes pure beastin' at me!'

'burds wur rotten, nae beastin!'

'awright lawd? fancy goin on the dancefloor fur a beast?'

'ah was just sittin beastin an got a mega rager!' rager = very noticeable erection
by BeastinBoydy October 10, 2008
A word that could be described as beastly, but the user wants something even more slang.
Yo, man, that was beastin'.
by savergen June 11, 2009
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