1. (n)Title for Being exceptionally brilliant at call of duty 4 (and or 5)
2. (v)The act of having a very high skill, survival rate, kill count, and high kill/death ratio.
3. (adj)Often used as an adjective for rapin' call of duty so hard.
4. (v) A mental, physical, and spiritual rage in which you have no recollection of your surroundings, while all of your focus is on the tv, that can't be stopped until you are killed.
Is some times referred to as 'bstn, beastin', beasting, or beastN.
1. "Have you seen him play call of duty 4? He's beastin'!"
2. "Dude he didn't die once that game and killed 35 people... he has to be beastin'!!"
3. "That game right there was beastin'."
4. "He can't hear you... he's in his beastin' mode..."
by Keifmate February 19, 2009
Top Definition
An unnecessarily extreme reaction. Making a big deal out of nothing. See buggin, wylin out, wylin.
Yo! Why you beastin son?! Daaamn
by Octavian March 09, 2004
(verb) The act of being a beast; being very good at something.

Meg is beastin' Christian at minesweeper!
by TheDementedJorge February 08, 2009
Making a big deal out of nothing
Mother: How could you get an F in Math??
Kid: Ma, stop beastin!
by Diane December 23, 2003
To admonish with seemingly unwarranted severity, usually expressed with righteous indignation.
a. "I don't care if it's 100 degrees out, you're not leaving this house in JUST a thong."
b. "Yo, why you gotta be beastin'?!"
a. "But, mom..."
by jareda May 16, 2005
Pwning everyone at videogames
Dude i was doing so good i was Beastin that game
by DarKnightSD April 22, 2008
In a sport, to do exceptionally well. Used mostly in football, when one out-jukes opponents.
A time when your senses are hightened and you can perform above average in what you are doing.
Dude, I was totally beastin' on that fool.
by turbansam May 12, 2008
Describes something that is overly cool and/or large.
Check out Nicole's beastin' sunglasses.
by faeiette June 01, 2006
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