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A caucasian male, who is of the Jewish religion, that thinks that he is of african descent, thinks he associates with blacks, or thinks he is from the "hood".
1. Members of the "beastie boys" band
2. Jew-boys at STG
by G in a prep school May 12, 2006
1. One of the last good rap bands.
2. Gay males who casually engage in sexual acts with animals.
1. The Beastie Boys song "Sabatoge" kicks ass.
2. Those damn beastie boys keep sucking dog cocks.
by john July 08, 2003
One of the most influencial rap groups ever, along with Run DMC and Public Enimy. Sadly became hippies and disappeared
Mike D

Damn dirty hippies ruining america
by Beastieboy May 26, 2003
the biggest pile of shit to ever exist on this planet
Guy 1: "The Beastie Boys are awesome"
Guy 2: "You like cocks?"

"Ch-Ch-Check it out"
"Go blow a herd of goats"
by Diabolic[al] August 19, 2007
a rap group with meiocre lyrics but very nice and catchy beats. they dont stay to the sterotypical hip hop of cash,ice,hoes, and cars but their lyrics arent great
the beastie boys are aight
by suckmebitch July 21, 2004
a white rap trio that helped popularize hip hop about 20 years ago. About all they got is juvenile, smug, frat-boy humor and immature attitude. Take all that away and you ain't got nothing. Even their first hit, the heavy metal "You've Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party" is stupid and pretty one-dimensional.
The Beastie Boys are three immature boneheads that were panned by the critics in 1987, but now the critics suck the Beasties' dicks like the Beasties tell them to in one of their songs.
by Starpunk February 07, 2007
Absolute traitors to Modern Rock Culture.
Only next in line to Linkin' Park
Rocker: So, your telling me your a Rocker...?
Poser: I mean--uh, yeah! See, I download a Linkin' Park song!
Rocker: That's really queer.
Poser: Um, well...I like the Beastie Boys!
Rocker: Now that is just REALLY queer
by Marcos1779 December 29, 2005