The Bears Den is the campus pub at University of Maine, Orono. Moved from a kickass location in the basement of the union in 1994, and is now almost a waste of time; the best thing you can say is the beer is cheap.
Bro1: Yo, want to do to the bears den and get a beer?
Bro2: Fuck that, there are only 3 people there and it's fucking karaoke night.
by Rob Brandow February 23, 2008
Top Definition
Glasgow's answer to Hollywood.
"Where ya from big chap?"
"Ooooh pish pash."
by djw1992 April 15, 2009
when you light a smoke in your tent while consuming excess amount of beer during camping.
nobody was going in the bears den after baker got in their.
by branodonbaker November 02, 2007
A quaint Glasgow suburb which does in fact have several confirmed cases of the AIDs virus.
'Dear lord, I've just found out that my neighbour has been struck down with AIDs. Poor chap, I'm sure he'll have caught it from someone else in the G61 postcode, there seem to be a few cases around these parts'.

'Deary me, best avoid unprotected sex with anyone from Bearsden in that case!'
by spaz85 April 22, 2009
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