When you take a tin of long cut chewing tobbacco and put half of it in your mouth. this separates those experinced chewers from the posers
Im about to go throw in a bear paw
by 990923 October 24, 2007
Top Definition
A brand of footwear best known for its Ugg look-alike boots. While they look almost exactly the same, Bearpaws are only about $60, while Uggs easily go beyond $100. However, it is commonly observed that Bearpaws are not as good quality as Uggs, which explains the price difference.

Nowadays, with the many Ugg knockoffs and store brands, Bearpaws are considered "second best" if you cannot afford Uggs, and are followed by Emus.
Girl 1: Hey look, she got Uggs! I didn't know she could afford them.

Girl 2: No, those are Bearpaws.

Girl 1: Oh, well, they look exactly the same to me.
by ncl11 September 21, 2009
Sometimes you use this as an unintentional pun. This saying is a play on the phrase "bare poor". Can be used to take the piss out of people who use such phrases.
Jeff: Ahhh that's bare poor.
Stranger: You like talking about bear paw?
by Kempo May 16, 2006
When you're fingering a girl, and you cup your hand over her clitoris (and labia) in such a way that your fingers curl towards your palm as you use your fingers to work your magic.
I totally bear pawed her before we did it.
by idontevencarewhatmynameis April 02, 2014
From bear, slang for a hirsute gay man;

A handjob given by a bear.
After a few beers, I found myself getting a bearpaw from this biker in the can. I really need to cut back on my drinking.
by VoxSmaragdus September 16, 2008
when you get shit on your hand during sexual intercourse.
"After having sex with that messy bottom I had a bear paw."
by Mantenna November 02, 2011
When you cup a fart in your paw and throw it in someones face.
Hey Sarah ! What on my knuckles? Wait i cant see it. ( hand opens) OMG you asshole you just bear pawed me!
by litdave010 October 22, 2010
A Bear paw is the male act of ejaculating on your hand after oral sex, then slapping your partner in the face with your sperm covered hand.
I was getting head and she wanted me to go on her face, but I thought that was pretty gross so I gave her a Bear Paw
by trallplayer017 May 30, 2007
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