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The term used for my homemade words. The nickname Bear wad given to me years ago. So as my "Dictionary" grew, the term Bearism was born. Which in itself was a home made word.
Is that another Bearism you've invented or does that lurk somewhere deep in the realms of The English Language?
by Big Chocolate Button October 08, 2010
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Irrational hatred or intolerance of stuffed Teddy Bears.
The family's bearism was so thick, they half starved their Bears.
by Bear Lover December 19, 2006
Bearism is religion founded by that great and skilled word smith Dylan. Its the art of taking a few months off work/school/life and hibernating over the course of winter like bears do. Staying in doors and sleeping a lot is largely whats involved, as well as surrounded yourself with a lot of your favorite food stuffs.
"Mommy, When i grow up i want to join the cult of Bearism!!!! Dylan is such a charismatic leader, and i don't want to have to goto school in the cold"
by Dylan Beezlebub March 30, 2007

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