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Greatest season ever, time of year when it is not necessary to shave due to any reason at all
Dan: So Steve you haven't shaved in a while whats up?

Steve: Well Dan its that time of year you know beard season.
by TheGlueGunner September 03, 2008
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Two Michigan definitions:
1. Fall beard season is defined as the open of deer season and the beard is shaved off when a deer is harvested or the end of the season.

2. Spring beard season starts when the Nation Hockey League's playoff season starts. Beard season ends when the Red Wings win Lord Stanley's Cup or when they are eliminated.
Jim: Damn Joe, it's Thanksgiving and your beard is getting pretty thick.
Joe: I'm hopeless. I missed two bucks at 100 yards. Only way I get a deer this year is if I hit one with my truck.


John: I can't believe San Jose beat us like a red headed step child.
Junior: No shit, at least beard season is over and I can shave this scratchy thing off.
by Sker April 28, 2011
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The season beginning Nov. 1 with No Shave November and ending on Midnight Feb. 13, the day before Valentine's Day. This is the only acceptable time of year to sport a beard.
"Dude, did you see Bob's horrible facial pubes."

"Give the man a break, it's beard season."
by yourpseudonymwillappear October 26, 2009
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