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Any opposite sex escort taken to an event in an effort to give a homosexaul person the apperance of being out on a date with a person of the opposite sex.
Half of the women on the red carpet at the movie premier were not real dates, but beards.
by Rob October 29, 2004
a gathering of mainly midwestern US citizens, typically rather well hung in the pants, that get together and do crazy things.
Kyle: man i dont know what happened, my beer got stolen, someone brought the lawn mower inside, threw a brick down the chimney, and ripped a brody in my front yard..

Dave: wow im sorry man, it sounds like the beards hit you pretty hard.
by johnl2900 December 16, 2009
A pain in the ass, a ball-ache, a hassle, an inconvenience. An activity or person that, frankly, you just can't be arsed with.
Scenario 1:

Student A: I've got two assignments in for Monday and I haven't started either

Student B: That is such a Beard.

Scenario 2:

Gentleman 1: Yo, Mike, I can't come to the game tonight. My ex wants to come over and go through the divorce papers

Gentleman 2: What a beard....
by Flashback38 July 29, 2011
-Facial Hair.
-A long time, or a very far distance.
-A large amount of something.
-An exaggerated measurable estimation.

Informal language.
Usually used incorrectly and ridiculously at the wrong time, and too often.

Something tedious and time consuming might waste beards of your energy, or waste beards of your time.

Origin: The amount of time it takes a man to grow a decent beard is not quick, and a decent beard is at least down to the belt buckle.

Other forms:
v. beard-ificate(d),
-"Man you were in the bathroom for like twelve beards..."

-"Wow, you're really good at skipping stones! That last one went a beard out into the lake."

-"Johnny, did you take the trash out yet!?"
"Yeah mom! I took the trash out like one hundred beards-ago."

-"You ran that beard of a triathlon so fast! You got first place!"

-"Dude wanna go play beards and barbers at the park with Jack, Lizzy, and the gang?"
"Yeah but I can't, my teacher beard-ificated the amount of homework I had by nearly three beards-worth! I won't be done till like beard o'clock in the morning."

-"I just cut down a beards-worth of trees in my backyard, now the squirrels have no place to live."

-"Did you hear? Jackie's grandma died..."
"Oh yeah, I heard about that beards-ago dude..."
"But she only died yesturday..."
"I know."

-"You suck at Halo 2! Go grow a beard, noob!"
by Paulexander June 10, 2010
a name for someone whose beard is equal to the length of the nile river. can be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, and any other part of speech.

Warning: Do not use in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, you will offend the Amish.
Man: Yo Beard, whats bearding dude?
Man: Chill Beard, im just Bearding around with you.
Other Man: im leaving.
Man: Cmon, dont be a beard.
Other Man: (gone)
Man: well i hope you go to shave!
by Shockey19 May 19, 2010
Part of a phrase that can be applicable to multiple situations, usually referring to a frustrating, bad or unlikely scenario.
Person 1: "Hey dude, you wanna hit the library tomorrow? It'll be fun!"

Person 2: "Oh Beard.."
by GrizzlyAdamsHadABeard February 22, 2011
Ultra cool, to be bearded and cool.
That is total Beard dude...beard.

That dude over there is beard, those other dudes are baldchins.
by Monkey-Ronin February 03, 2010
A beard is a buddy that you use as a cover for you to see a person of the opposite sex. You tell others you are meeting someone for him, or taking him out to meet someone. This version has been around since Before Kennedy's time.
Fred is my beard, so I can go and meet chicks.They think their for him.
by Torinoluvr May 12, 2008
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