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A little-known form of music originating in the 1990's as a throwback acknowledgement to the early folk rockers, (i.e. Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills & Nash, etc. ). This style of music often falls under the label Indie or Folk or Indiefolk, and is very prevalent in the Pacific Northwest. Signed artists mostly belong to Sub Pop Records, a label from Seattle, Washington. Songs are laden with references to nature and personal philosophy of all aspects. The difference from regular indie/folk music is that each group tends to sport facial hair, styles including but not limited to: the chin curtain, Grizzly Adams, mutton/lambchops, or any other generally considered "unkempt" look. These artists emphasize the importance of the environment, overall camaraderie and independent thinking, making Henry David Thoreau look like a demigod. Examples of bands are: Fleet Foxes, Midlake, The Decemberists, Band of Horses, Mojave 3 and many more. One thing is for sure though, the beard is key to defining Beard Rock.
Fleet Foxes singing 'round a campfire in the woods: Pallid animals in the snow tipped pines, I find
Hatching from the seed of your thin mind, all night?

Astounded observer: Their music is thoughtful and catchy, and their beards rival that of Plato!

Other observer: Gotta love that Beard Rock.
by bennedictus February 28, 2010
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