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A sticky fingered hoe and it ain't from a mans love. Check ur six because ur hard earned money just might stick to those man hands.
Bear wench: "I lost my ATM card again"
by Donkz June 29, 2011
A hoe who lies about having to work then fakes and says she no longer has to go to work even though no one could give 2 shits whether she had to work or didn't have to work in the 1st place.
Bear Wench: I can't make it because I have to work for an hour today but leave the door unlocked because there's a good chance I'll be right back because somehow the work I had to do will be cancelled
by Donkz June 25, 2011
Someone who orders drinks and slides them onto everyone else's tabs and walks out crunk and a $10 bill. Unfortunately Karma is a bitch and that $10 tab evolves into a $5000 legal fee for all the trouble she's bound to get herself in.
Bear Wench: wtf I had 2 beers and a chupakabra and my bill is $150?!?! Where's the bear?!
by Donkz June 29, 2011