A bra, for a girl who has massive boobs (like DD+), with multiple hook fastners in the back.
Did you see the size of her babalons; I can't believe those mogambos are natural, she must need a bear trap to restrain them.
by mark86 February 21, 2009
When, while giving a blow-job,the blower is surprised, jerks suddenly, or has a seizure, and bites the dick of the one being blown.

Sometimes done as an act of revenge, hate, or as a form of cruel and unusual punishment.
I thought my ex-girlfriend wanted to get back together with me, but she really only wanted to bear-trap me!

I hope you get bear-trapped, asshole!
by G!ngerG!rl December 22, 2008
a regular girl you would meet. but when she smiles it only shows something you wish you had never seen. a fucked up set of teeth.
john- that girl we met is pretty nice

brian- yeah but did you see that beartrap?
shits fucked up
by mett February 27, 2008
a sexual act, usually during a threesome in where a woman is getting slammed from behind while giving another man oral sex and the man from behind punches the back of the girls head causing her to chomp down on the other mans penis!
dude! what happened?

fucking marcy and her man bear trapped me!
by firemantx September 20, 2009
Inserting your penis into a womans mouth while she is sleeping
I ended up in the hospital after I gave Khaled's mom a beartrap.
by Overneath! August 04, 2008
-A straight man who is unknowingly extremely attractive to an older chubby and hairy gay man "aka a Bear"
Man those guys should stay away from gay bars. Their total bear traps.

We can't go hang out with those guys, they are total fag magnets.
by Tekkial November 05, 2011
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