A huge pinch of Dip covering the top and lower part of the gums. Also known as the Double Horseshoe.
Person 1: Hey man I just got a new can!

Person 2: Hey can I throw in a pinch.

Person 1: Feel free just don't do a bear trap I want to save my can for a while.

Person 2: Too late.

Person: dang now theres none left!
by a reggin December 02, 2010
A large females underwear with a massive middle part lieing on the floor with the middle showing .
Watch where you walk over there man .He fucks big chicks so you might step on a beartrap.
by Crownroyalspoiled September 11, 2010
When you're sitting down and you drop something and you try to catch it by closing your legs really fast, and you squish your nuts.
Friend: What happened to you?
Me: I was sitting in class when I dropped my pencil on my lap and bear trapped myself.
Friend: I bet your balls liked that.
by MikeyBeef February 02, 2012
When a guy is about to cum and tries to pull out but the girl wraps her legs around him and says "BE MY BABY DADDY!!"

guy: I'm about to cum!!!

girl: *wraps legs around him and traps him in*
guy: what're you doing?!?!?!
Yo this girl tried to bear trap me last night, so I punched her in the gut so she'd let go
by LE6ACY July 15, 2014
To flirt shamelessly with a guy until he likes you back, at which point you stop talking to him (to set the bait until he likes you back, at which point you shut the bear trap). Used most commonly as a relief for boredom.
Hey, did you hear Jimmy asked me to prom? Yeah, I totally beartrap -ped him into that. Hahaha.
by Coral McGrabbers May 10, 2011
1) a large metal device soon to be featured in the winter olympics.

especially in down hill skiing and ice hockey!
beartraps arent that funny!
by sammysox April 06, 2010
n. a needy friend that constantly needs reassurance, holding you hostage in conversations about themselves.

warning: has been known to aggressively spoon you in your sleep.
Person 1: dude, got caught in the bear trap last night
Person 2: what'd you do?
Person 1: tried to gnaw my arm off but in the end i just bled out :(
by puffymcpuff October 21, 2009

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