An uber n00b. One who is even more clueless to technology and internet terms than your garden variety n00b.
Bearclaws make n00bs look like Bill Gates.
by GamerGuyX August 18, 2006
n. The shocker as performed by a stinky man wearing a skully cap and having dong chops.
Man, that was rough - right after he blew Guinness farts on that chick, causing her to grow dizzy, he gave her a handful of a bearclaw.
by Justice April 22, 2005
when people who think that they are "thugz" throw up there "signs" they are called bear claws.
throw up your bear claws NI**A!
by Tyler April 04, 2005
When two dudes are giving a chick DP (double penetration) and the guy on top pulls out and blows his load on the bottom dude's yambag. The wrinkled sack with glazing resembles a "bear claw" pastry.
We were banging this hooker and I gave him a bear claw. Bear claaaaaaaaaaaaw.
by suffer247 May 25, 2009
Wheny you put four fingers in the pussy and your thumb in the ass hole.
Damn that bitch was surpised when i gave her the bear claw.
by Mike March 27, 2005
A synonym for extremely large pussy lips.
by tnt May 01, 2003
When making out with a female you grab the back of the girls head and squeeze and pull extremely tightly to not let her pull away
Billy bear clawed the hell out of that girl last night before he took her in that room stuffed her like a thanksgiving turkey
by fat ass choad July 21, 2008

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