A sex position in which you fist a girl, then open your hand wide and growl like a bear.
"Give her the claw" "It will be a roar of a time" "I gave my roommate a bear claw. It worked really well"
by Honest Abe, Bowlesman April 10, 2014
When you run out of lube and have to use feces for masturbation .The look of the fecal matter in your hand and genitalia reminds you of the pastry ..
I was camping for 2 weeks no water no nothing but I needed to cum so I had a bear claw . Im so fascinated with shit that I do bear claws all the time..
by Unkel Kennie May 13, 2014
A pair of sagging, floppy vagina lips.
Shes crapped out so many babies that all shes got left of her vagina is a bear claw... But I'd still hit that...
by MetalMan32 February 16, 2011
When a dude puts his hand behind a chick's head and forces her face down on his crotch. Then, she mouthafies his wang.
I was getting horny and that bitch was pissing me off, so I bearclawed her.
by SkizzMizz November 12, 2004
the implication that when a person eats a bear claw they are in fact a nasty (skanky) ass hoe.
Ellyn: "Ewwwww is Raven eating a BEAR CLAW?"
Karyn: "Duh she's NASTY ass hoe"
by nastyasshoe May 05, 2011
The appearance of a wedge in a woman's genital region resulting from tight fitting clothes.
The grandpa said Andria had a nice bearclaw.
by Ap March 12, 2005
Nate Barcalow
Singer of Finch
by Shell October 09, 2003

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