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A person or somewhat of a being that has more hair on his or her chest and back than the average bear. Normally of a special education school background and usally dines on fast food daily causing the outragous break out of huge bulging pimples. With tendencies consisting of super studdering and the laziest of the lazy eyes bearcats may be very rude and abrupt if not fed on time.
The waiter at McD's was mawled to death by a local high school student aka bearcat...
by Bigwillyhottooth September 24, 2010
1 7
A team that got exposed for what they really were in the 2010 Sugar Bowl. Indigenous to Cincinnati. Coaches are often known to flea from the bearcat for programs that have resources and tradition.
The Bearcat's defense was just run over repeatedly
by FacemaskingExists January 01, 2010
19 30
a hillbilly term for a natch'l man, what's full of surprises.
Lou: This string band would be ace ceptin we aint got no bass.
Cudwyn: Uhh, Louey, I kin play the jug iffn need be.
Lou: why, cud, y'ole bearcat! set down 'n git to huffin'
by Quick Spoons October 01, 2006
13 30
An animal of deciduous forest regions that is often confused with stray housecats or small dogs. They are rather tame looking felines that have the intelligence of rabbits or rodents. Scientists have been in awe of the animals' resilience considering their lack of intellect and ineptitude for survival.These animals are commonly slayed by Mountaineer's who use their hides for toilet paper.
Are you watching that WVU / Cincinatti Game on Saturday, those Mountaineers are going to wipe their asses with the bearcats.
by Buddy Badass November 15, 2007
5 40