When two gay men with stubble rub their cheeks together as a sign of affection.
I saw a scruffy guy on the subway giving another guy a bear kiss.
by Superfly11 April 04, 2013
Top Definition

like a butterfly kiss or an Eskimo kiss this action describes: two men rubbing their beards together, a man rubbing his beard on a woman's chin, or a man rubbing his beard on any part of another person's body in an expression of affection, love, greeting, reverence, etc.
He gently bear kissed her.
by ursaoscula February 10, 2015
When a bitch with a hairy ass pussy sits on a guys face.
Her pussy was so hairy when I went down on her it was like giving her a bear kiss.
by DumaLove March 26, 2011
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