To describe where a very, very high population of Hispanics live. A town or city where there are alot of Mexicans or South Americans.
I wouldn't be caught dead in "Bean Town", I'm afraid to go there; that is "Bean Town", That part of the city is "Bean Town"
by Victoria Princess April 15, 2007
Top Definition
The great city of Boston, MA (but you don't really see too many beans here...)
by M-easy July 05, 2003
Boston, MA..

Beantown, baby!
by Dr. Zinn April 25, 2003
Complete slander. No one from Boston ever calls it Beantown.
"I love bean town!"
"You fuckin' retahded tourist. It's Boston. Not Beantown."
by SexyKitten6969 February 22, 2006
a.k.a. BOSTON baby!!!!!
"Yeh, we Bean-Town's finest." = Yeh, we're Boston's finest.
by Ya Desi June 12, 2004
Another name for a barrio. A neighborhood with a large cluster of Hispanic immigrants. Where Beaners live and shop. Where you go to find cheap day labor, eat fish tacos, and buy weed.
I have to finish this deck by this afternoon and I only have $80 and need 10 guys to do the job. I better head down to Beantown.
by poontang September 27, 2006
It's suppose to be a nickname for Boston, MA.
A Major Fail.

Of course many teenagers who live in Boston use it because they think its cool, for some odd reason.
When in reality it make them sound retahded (for the many of you people here who think we all actually talk like that) and makes me question how well our education system really is.
beantown is a stupid name.
by bodiesandwords August 16, 2009
Slang term used in reference to Boston, Massachusetts. Ironic as you will rarely see people eating beans in Boston. Individuals with intense elitist attitudes may reside here. Also home of the Red Sox, expensive rent, numerous colleges, and crippling traffic.
I went to Beantown today to hang out with people that don't pronounce their R's, are hyper-educated, and/or working class heroes. Good thing they don't actually eat beans here or it would smell terrible.
by Cap'n Soggy August 26, 2012

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