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A sexual position that consists of a male sticking his erect penis between his legs, then he and his partner get on all fours and have sex in the double doggy style position, butt to butt. Easily the hottest and most pleasuranle sexual position God ever created.
After a night of Snappa and heavy drinking, we heard zoo noises coming from the bedroom upstairs. Upon opening the door, I find Deano and his girl naked on all fours raming their asses into each other. After some deep investigation, we realized they were just beating cakes beanie weenie style.
by Your Boy GSpot April 05, 2009
Ghetto or "hood" children of Latin American descent. Similar in usage to "niglet"
That lady with all the beanie weenies running around just used her food stamps to buy pizza and pop.
by narddog August 04, 2014

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