A small city located in the northern suburbs of NYC. Also called the tree-city, it has many art gallerys and restaurants. Some people say the people in Beacon "hate gays and autistic people, and they only send their kids to Catholic schools..." but this is not true. Beacon is a very nice and welcoming city in which many people visit. Beacon is the almost polar opposite to newburgh which has many gangs and crimes. I love to walk around Main Street and visit the shops. And on the second Saturday of every month, all the gallerys stay open late and put out new items for display.
Hey dude, look at the top definition for Beacon on UD. It says we hate gays and we're super religious.-Matt

looks up from coffee

Dude, that's not right. Beacon is just full of hipsters and

artists. Looks like someone hates trees. Right Dave?-Devin

Pulls off nerd glasses

I'm not a hipster! Yeah yeah sure, trees yeah. Now shush guys, I'm trying to get past this level!-Dave

What are you even playing?-Matt

Doctor Who episode 4: Shadows of the Vashta Nerada.-Dave

Hipster......-Devin & Matt
by PIE March 03, 2012
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a term in automobiles, when describing a bright colored car or truck, which are often very underpowered, and suck $ for $- see also my friends 1500
dude your trucks a total beacon "no way its a work truck", work truck you say what part of it does work, its color is gayman blue, and its 4.3 V-6 belongs in a S-10 (no offense to chevys i own 1 myself)
by TahoeMan98 February 01, 2005
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The one extremely hot chick in your office that is otherwise fugly excluding her.
"Damn, everybody we work with is not attractive. There's nobody worth even hitting on at the company holiday party."
"Don't forget about Jamie, that beacon in the payroll department."
by OpenForBiz January 23, 2015
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