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1. A stupid statement, since no matter what you do, you're always "yourself".
2. A stupid statement, since there is no self. The self is just a collection of stupid memories.
3. A stupid statement, since obeying it, necessarily, leads to it's contradiction. You can't be yourself if you're doing it only because someone told you to.
1. Stupid motherfucker.
2. Stupid motherfucker.
3. Stupid motherfucker.

Conclusion: Be yourself. *sigh* Stupid motherfuckers.
by philosophicallydisturbed October 08, 2009
when you're unsure of yourself or under pier pressure = be yourself.
when in doubt, don't shut the fuck up. you be yourself and might get a piece of ass later on.
by That other kid May 07, 2007
What we all should do. Stop with the prep, emo, scene, hip hop scally wag horse crap or whatever. Wear what you want, be how you want. Who ever judges you for that is obviously questioning themselves more than anyone else.
Just be yourself, is that all I ask?
by just,juststop March 09, 2011
1] A fucking clichee! Don't wanna monitor, but -- You are ALWAYS yourself, despite the situation and the opinion of other people!
2] A marketing trick
1] Q: What should I do?

A: The best thing is to be yourself...


A useful advice, huh?
2] Be yourself, buy .... *
* Put whatever you like in the empty place
by ~*Unforgiv3n*~ June 20, 2009

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