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A boneless appendage on chests of bolth male and female humans, ranging from a D-Z in cup size. Can be found on skinny bitches but are usually made from silicon un-less found on tubby bitches. Are worshipped by men and women alike. Warning: can bring down civilizations with a single glance. This fades how ever when old age or gravity sets in and the boobs find their final reasting place on the floor
Guy1 ey man that girls got some bazoogas eh
Guy2 man You know gravitys going to whip out a can of whoop ass on those
by dafuqman February 16, 2015
1) A synonym for the butt hole.
"I'm gonna take that junk car you sold me and shove it up your Bazooga, when I'm done with you your going to look like road kill!!"
by theMarissinia October 17, 2008
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