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the word that should be used when something is so legit it is indescribable but by this word.
bazinga girl you sure can make a peanut butter sandwich.

holy bazinga i just farted and it smelt like lucky charms.
by omwp January 19, 2011
A way to greet a friend
When Sheana called Colleen, Colleen answered the phone saying "Bazinga"
by Kali24 September 17, 2010
a word used to follow up on a burn. Often preluded with a long pause before Bazingaed. Bazooka and Bachooga are the higher rankings of the word, Bazinga.
A: "Where were you last night?"
B: "Doing your mom... Bazinga."
by dmstrhkhh May 27, 2009
A word that is used when you complete a really difficult challenge.
My sister yelled, "Bazinga!" when she solved the 1000 peice puzzle.
by panini123 February 18, 2010
what a male says when he is cumming.
Girl: "oh yeah this feels soo good"
Man: "I'm gonna explode!"
Man: "BAZINGA. BAZINGA!!! *cumming*
by the good girl(; March 27, 2010