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a very uncommon boy name (fact: only one boy named Bazante in the whole of the great country of the Netherlands). original translation from Swahili is downgoing water.
Most Bazantes are tall and have dark curles, they are like a tank and won't stop for anything in their path. Their willpower is like that of a waterfall, it almost can't be tamed.

a Bazante always knows whom to pic out of a crowd so he can have sex with her, it is like a natural skill al Bazantes have.

furthermore all bazantes have nice freckles wich contain the beauty of a clear starry night
1. guy: Ooh no! look there comes a Bazante!

Girl: OMG run for your life,he is gonna bulldoze you over with his willpower!

2. Bazante: hey girl in crowd do you want to have sexual intercourse with me?
girl in crowd: sure.

3. hetero guy: wow, look at that bazante, his sheer beauty makes me wanna solve all the first world problems.
by Low-E October 10, 2012
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