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A harmless but non-trustworthy sexual deviant, who has a penchant for molesting members of both sexes, and animals. They have the appearance of someone who was born inside out. Can be found sweating in the corner of a Rave, trying to get into their own trouser pocket.
"Watch the kids love, there's a Bazadger over there!"

"I'm off to the Job Centre with the other Bazagers"
by R@nd0m3r November 05, 2011
Half man-child, half badger... Usual habits include raving, gimp foundling and sickipedia... if you get too close he will attempt to mate with you ear, nosterel and belly button at the same time... but he always cuddles afterwards :)
"dont bazzle ur bazadger!"
by Ba-za-ger November 04, 2011
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