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Two Guys, that started a myspace for Baytown
basically to increase Baytown's Publicity and get the recognition of states all over Texas.
Although no one else helped make the site interesting.
Pelly: YO you heard-ah dem "Baytown Guys?!''

OBT: gEa, tHeyY sHoulD hAvE nAmEd it OBT gUyZz!?

Linos: dude- who gives a fuck we been put on the map!!!

Playboy Hills: Shit they should add the baytowns finezt music....!

Northwood: mAiNe fOo wTf sHiI tHeY nEeD SoME bLaCk PeopLE iN iT!
by Standhigh August 07, 2009
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