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An asian from the San Francisco Bay area.
Silicon Valley is full of Baysians
by Poonstankqua December 25, 2008
Bay Area asian girl. Typically of Vietnamese descent but not limited to it. Mostly found within Man Jose as this is where the ratio of male to female is skewed, allowing them to act like they're the hottest shit you've seen walking through Valley Fair.
Baysian usually denotes an Asian of Vietnamese descent, who looks like she just got off work at the local coffee shop. Will also typically have blonde hair or blonde/brown streaks within her hair. Absolutely wears fake eyelashes. Generally will do her eye makeup to reflect a smokey look, giving onlookers the impression that she is exotic and hot. Not uncommon to have a nose ring and a cakeface, equipped with a Louis Vuitton handbag. Fake nails done, hair done, everything did. They can be found throughout San Jose, but typically reside in East Side San Jose riding with their male counterparts, the Viet gooks and ricers. Viet gooks typically will be outfitted with Buddha chains, affliction shirts, and throwback slick-back 90's hairstyle. They often wear Rock & Republic jeans or Sevens for All Mankind. Their drink of choice is Heineken for beer, Hennessy for hard. You can find them at the local coffee shops as well, typically with their Hondas and Acuras that they've been riding since high school, unless they've grown up and upgraded to a G35 or 3 series BMW.
by ESSJViet4Lyfe January 19, 2011
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