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1. The Jerseyans' version of Brooklyn. Located south of Jersey City, north of Staten Island, across the harbor from New york City. Home of many immigrants or offspring of immigrants, generally speaking Catholics, namely: Italian, Polish, Irish, Puerto Rican and Portugese etc.
2. "The Holy City" (taken from the Bible), refers to the fact of the large number of Catholics in the population and the large number of Churches.
3. Unlike most cities these days, Bayonne is still home to many white people
If you are born and raised in Bayonne you don't get messed with. You meet people all over the world from Bayonne. Many Jerseyans claim that they have roots in Bayonne, just because it will give them instant respect. This leads many to believe Bayonne is the capital of New Jersey.
by Bobby O' Rourke October 25, 2007
The best and worst city in New Jersey that we all love to hate. Bayonne natives are not as ghetto/dangerous/crazy as outsiders may think, but it is still a good idea to not mess with them.
Man, I hate Bayonne and yet I still can't leave.
by Ruby Soho February 03, 2007
a generally great city. i suggest you don't mess with someone from bayonne. it has mad churches and white people. i love bayonne
by italianbabe0980 December 17, 2008
A town with streets very difficult to walk through, through the hours of 3:00 p.m - 6:00 p.m on weekdays when children are let out from school. It's all vape pens, Bluetooth speakers, and shouting of the word "faggot" until you become so horribly irritated that your eyeballs might just roll out of your skull from all the "what are those" and "deez nuts" comments. But don't worry, there's a pizza place at every corner. Bayonne is the town you grow up in and can't ever seem to leave.

2: home of the "Teardrop"
" I grew up in Bayonne"

" I've never been. Maybe I should I go sometime"

"Save yourself the trouble."
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by Spaceyyyy April 10, 2016
one of the worst towns to live in. the people here think they are tough, but all they do is talk shit, start many rumors , and try to mess with your head. generally, people who live here hardly ever make it anywhere in life. Bayonne also smells very very bad but, since it is located in NJ, it makes sense. the city bayonne itself is located in a nice area, close to great cities such as NY, staten island, and hoboken, but you can not truly enjoy livng here becuase of the people. you will find that if you are not itailian/puerto rican/a smoker/a drinker/a slut, you will not fit in, and your mental state will be changed for the worst. it is common to see someone jumping off the bayonne bridge, becuase this town will fuck with your head. if you live here, i either feel sorry for you, or hate you.
Bayonne should be erased from the earth.

or; Bayonne is a disgrace
by ihatebayonne August 20, 2009
maaaaaaaaaaaaad pollution. nothin but a bunch of guido's n guidettes and Puerto Ricans
Bayonne smells like diharea.
by Barry Badgernath July 28, 2007
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