The largest person to ever exist. Body fat content is over 99.9%. This individual is several stories tall and has explosive farts which can propel him to other planets. Bav's unique skin structure and make-up allows him to absorb any and all materials he comes in contact with. He also has a fat plate, which is an extension of his abdomen region similar to a beer belly, but in this case extending almost to the ground. Case in point of his absorption powers is that when he pees, it is absorbed into his fat plate. His IQ is extremely low, and he tends to take orders from an individual named Yer, who is just a normal human. Bav thinks he is friends with all, but is rather clumsy and causes many accidents and even catastrophes with his extreme bulk.
Yer: bav....
Bav: what nid?
Yer: Bav....
Bav: what nid??
Yer: BAV!!!!!
Bav: WHAT Nidd.........?

"We bring you live to the scene where Bav apparently tripped over himself and landed on this neighborhood in L.A. Early estimates report a loss of 675 homes with additional damage to over 300"
by Amanda Streethorn March 10, 2005
Top Definition
Used in Belizean Creole meaning "wasting time","being idle".
Jun stop the bav.
by metaljunkichuk December 17, 2009
Someone who hasnt had sex in a year and therefore has had there cherry grow fully back.
when was the last time you got the ride?

About 13 months ago!

Ha ha you f*cking b.a.v
by Marma D September 04, 2003
To 'not be bothered'
Person 1: Ugh i have absolute bav to do my homework tonight.

Person 2: Yeaah fuck it let's go to the party.
by kevinisgrey May 07, 2011
A term mainly used with in the westmidlands describing an aging homosexual cottager.
Your Dad's well Bav
by Krish Original August 05, 2009
boobs. ass. vagina. enough said.
"what are the most important things in a woman to you?"
"The B.A.V. man."
by jd salinger February 02, 2008
born again virgin
a person who lost their virginity. and tell their friends they died and born again.
by Senait May 11, 2003
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