stupid gay dumb-ass
by Bj August 10, 2003
Top Definition
A slang term for the psychoactive drug methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or ecstasy.
Dude, this kid's taken five baums already, give him some water!
by persuasion__usa December 16, 2008
baum is german for tree.
her name is jenny baum
baum is tree in german
by jb17 January 10, 2008
BAUM-one who is sexy,fly,the man
yo that shit is the baum man or dude your the baum
by mike2baum September 26, 2007
1.An exclamation, used to place emphasis on another exclamation, derived from the German word for branch, and often used after saying holy.

2.Interj. A word of emphasis, used wherever the word 'branch' would seem appropriate, but wouldn't sound as good.

3.Very useful, flammable, hard, breakable word, which can also be used as a weapon or kindling .

4.Another way of saying boom, bloom, bum, bomb or blaw.

5.A dry word used with break, burn, climb, high, brittle, shatter, or anywhere the word 'branch' could be used, but wouldn't sound nearly as funny.

6.Word used to denote something weak, or poor.

7.A joint.

8.Expression of pain.
Great holy-baum, it's a god damn UFO.

I'll break you like a baum.

That really burns my baum!

Oh baum, good for you.

I have had it up to the highest baum.

Smoke another baum.

Royal pain-in-the-baum.

Baum! How you like me now?
by Ortolan December 19, 2011
a person who never gets tired of talking about irrelevant stupid stuff and bulls***ting.
baums tend to repeat themselves over and over again
Dude stop talking about your wife in a physics class; you are being a real baum...
by yghm January 04, 2009
A large dingus used to provide women with throat custard.
Mary said that Mike had a Big Baum!!
by REPEATOFFENDER June 09, 2008
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