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Another word for oral stimulation or more commonly known as blow job/head. Originally Backi, it was later re-invented to better describe the phenomenon of receiving a blow job. Kosta stated "it should be known as BAUKS"
He got multiple BAUKS last night. -Winning
by sgtbit April 13, 2011
7 0
If you do something like a Bauke, it means you're really baukish at that moment. On that specific moment, you're as awesome as a Bauke.
I'm playing on my PS3, like a Bauke.
I'm playing volleybal, like a Bauke
I'm on facebook, like a Bauke.
I'm learning for the exams, like a Bauke.
I'm fill in awesome things, like a Bauke.
by Bauk June 16, 2011
8 2
Another word for Blowjob.
She gave me some BAUKS today.
by $!463 November 10, 2009
2 2