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It has been said that a being with the ancient archaic name.... Baughan will live among others with dicks 100000000 times smaller than his. This is a man not to be fucked with, it is said his wiener is so big that when erect it can act as a spacebridge between earth and ur(mothers)anus.

Baughans are definitely the most hardest people you will ever meet in your life.
Man: Its a car!

Man 2: It's a plane!

Man 3: Holy fuck.... it's a Baughan! Everybody run!!!

Woman:....... My OVARIES!!!!!
by Dratharion February 25, 2013
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A pile of really smelly throw up.

Something no one really wants to touch or use e.g. a pair of really gross shoes.

Someone who is completely gross and dirty.
God! Someone god wasted and just baughaned on my floor!
by F.A. 97 January 08, 2011

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