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A Celtic surname that comes from the Welsh word "bach" for tiny.
My last name is Baugh and I'm short!
by CelticBitch February 17, 2013
a word meaning anything the user wants and the other person having to guess
Kyle: you want to go out ?
Mikes: Baugh
Kyle: yes ?
Mikes: Baugh
Kyle: SHUT UP!!!!

Kyle goes in a rage
by Michael Barnett September 23, 2006
1) Something that absolutely does not make sense.
2) Something that leads you to to believe something, but is not true.
Teacher: SKLFJKLDSKLJKLGSLKgslkslkfjlsdjkfjskd
Student: baugh -_-

Teacher: The test tommorow will cover Chs 1 and 2.
Student: (On test day 1st question) What the baugh?
by wooptedooopnom December 08, 2010