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The game where everything is underpowered or needs to be nerfed depending on who you ask. Also notable for its updates (or lack thereof) and people who tell you to "QQ" over anything that borders on constructive criticism.
Example of a typical Battlefield Heroes forum post:

Player 1: Why did a two hour maintenance create seven hours worth of glitches and downtime?

The newest game to be released in the Battlefield series. It is free to play, the only thing that will cost real money, perhaps, is clothes and such.

The only current bad thing is that it's still in Private Beta Phase 2, meaning you need a key, so the forums are spammed with people asking for others keys.
Spammer: Can I have your Battlefield Heroes key? I really want to play...

Me: Yea, my key is.....SORRY, NO KEY FOR YOU.
by Da Milkman April 07, 2009
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