i just dropped a huge battlefield 3 out my ass
by niigga October 30, 2011
A back-up plan for those who lack skill in the famous Call of Duty series and hope for a fresh start in the FPS genre of video games.
Person 1: Hey, are you gonna pre-order the next Call of Duty?

Person 2: F*ck that! Call of Duty is too unrealistic and takes too much individual skill! I'm getting Battlefield 3, the trailers look pretty and I'll have a whole team to help me out!
by unreal1298 October 15, 2011
Its a flaming homosexual game, people like because they can't handle a real fucking game like Modern Warfare 3. BF3 can eat my butt hole then i shall step on it after cause it's fucking gay as the tooth fairy and is a magina bluewaffle
person 1: Battle field 3?

person 2: Nahh i'd rather be cool and have fiends and play mw3.
by Themason999 November 09, 2011

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