An American television program that shows a weekly battle of two factory tuned supercars, driven by a person who attempts to cheat if he has a chance of losing (Tanner Foust), and a guy who needs a tampon when he loses (Paul Tracy). The only reason people can stand to watch the show is because of the awesome vehicles that are featured, as the drivers are nearly unbearable.

Unfortunately the show is plagued with product placement and shameless promotion, and because the battles are usually so lopsided we have to listen to one of the drivers cry every episode. And yet, the show is still enjoyable to real car enthusiasts because of the featured vehicles. Please get some new drivers. All though I'm sure Tanner Foust will return when the American version of Top Gear flops.
Person A: Hey man, wanna watch Battle of the Supercars?

Person B: Sure, but let's mute it this time.
by WET01 October 11, 2010

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