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As you pump your partner with your Batsword and your nearing orgasm, start to sing the the words to the original 50's tv show. As your get closer and closer to completion get louder and louder. And when that the moment arrives to shoot your batgoo Shout !!BATMAN!!
by the real sweet-a-bix July 03, 2010
2 5
Stands for a guy with a big penis. This term makes reference to the "Bat" in "Batman", which is commonly used to name a dick in Canada.
This milf has a Batman boyfriend.
by maxsims November 08, 2009
3 6
When the scrotum of a man becomes connected to both of his legs simultaneously, causing slight discomfort. Upon standing up to amend the situation (separate sack from legs) the scrotum is stretched between its sweaty fixings, spreading like batman's cape... The Batman.
"Aw, dude I've got a batman... my sack's stuck to both of my legs!!!"
by Gregor Smith March 13, 2008
17 20
Definition 1: My Parents Are Dead! A Dark Night Hero also know in the '60 as a child molesters who role with a teenager in spandex but later becomes a bad ass who kicks peoples ass.
Definition 2: The sexual act to wear a batman costume, clothing related to batman, or black and fuck a bat (animal) Then shove a Bat (baseball bat) up your ass while watching any Batman movie, listening to death metal, and screaming "I'am the dark night!"
Example 1: Man I was watching Batman: The dark night and it was awesome!
Example 2: Yo Man I just pulled a Batman and my asshole is bleeding!
by G$$2 March 17, 2011
1 5
An ordinary man who is battling with an extreme acid addiction, who believes he is a super hero but really he's in his rehab room wearing underwear and a pink studded belt battling with his roomate lindsey lohan or "the joker".
lindsey: ahhhh get off me you fucker
Batman: *words unable to be understood*
by Dr. Vaginastien November 12, 2010
1 5
when you give a girl a facial, and you cum in her hair, u stick some of the hair up like batman ears. if there is excess cum, use it to white out her eyes.
i totally batmaned that hoe last night
by huskies12 April 29, 2010
4 8
A variation of the teabag when you hang from somewhere (such as a doorframe) putting your nuts at eye level with the person to be batmanned. You then proceed to place your nuts on the person's head as normal for a teabag.
John totally batmanned Kristen when she walked into the breakroom!
by Crackershinobi June 27, 2009
8 12