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A vagina owned by a whore or extremely old woman that sounds like rapid clapping when said vagina owner runs from danger. Also if said owner of a batman vagina ever fell out of a plane or off a tall building she could reach into her pants grab the vaginal lips and stretch them out like bat wings and glide to safety like a flying squirrel or the vagina's name sake...... BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
holy shit man my Grandma was saved by her Batman vagina when that helicopter crashed she just jumped out and glided to safety.
#batcave #virgin #flying squirrel #gaping vagina #batmn vag
by BigmanSimons March 08, 2010
A vagina that has an overabundance of extra inside skin (labia minora) which can be stretched into wings resembling that of Batman.
I won't go near that broad with the Batman vagina... That shit ain't right!
#batman #vagina #pussy #batman vagina #cooch #bad vagina
by ARoseHeartsun March 28, 2015
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