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The current World Heavyweight Champion of the WWE. He has good in-ring skills, decent mic talent, and has wicked huge muscles. Bound to be a MUCH better champion than Randy Orton.

If anyone thinks his move to Smackdown! will be bad, like I did, just remember: soon he'll beat the ever-loving shit out of JBL, God willing.
Wrestlemania XXI: Defeated Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Backlash: Retained his World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H.
Vengeance: Yet again, retained his World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H in a Hell in the Cell.

Batista's on a roll!!
by New Jersey Devil July 05, 2005
79 53
An awesome physical specimen of a man; sexy; talented; evolutionized
i.e. Batista vs. Orton - obvious, right?
by Jadah February 04, 2005
114 92
real name: David Bautista. His father is a Filipino and his mother is Greek. Has a Filipina wife and 2 daughters. Born and raised in Washington, DC. Former wrestling name: Leviathan. Looks definitely sexier in clothes than without it.
Batista looks so hot in his expensive suit!
by joannes08 September 17, 2006
33 17
A Sexy girf of god to women. and men.
A wild beast in the ring.
will smack your head in if
a reason is found.
Batista just Batista bombed the Undertaker
by Miss JinX November 23, 2005
32 17
Dave Batista Real name 317 pounds not a member of evolution anymore Won the heavyweight Belt From TripleH at Wresltemania 21 sunday april,3,2005. The Beast the Animal who has cool moves like spinebuster and powerBomb. and is The New HeavyWeight Champion.
Batista will beat triple h over and over triple h will never seee his belt again hahahaha.
by Ratt April 05, 2005
44 33
Visually stunning wrestler, incredibly sexy. Possibly looks sexier in clothes than out of them.
Example? For God's sake look at the man
by Debbie March 11, 2005
54 43
large mofo in the wwe who is also the world heavyweight champ
damn,batista just beat the shit out of ric flair and put triple h through the table wit a powerbomb!
by g-papa May 26, 2005
46 37