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When you and a a couple of your close friends, sometimes more, drift away from the actual party to do 'other things'...aka drugs, in the bathroom. Therefor starting your own separate party in a small little fancy room next to some strangers toilet.

I mean you've got running water, nice lighting, rolled up 20's. That's enough for a nice little soiree

Stranger: What the fuck is that banging noise coming from the bathroom?

Bathroom attendees: Don't worry, Bathroom Party, we're just nailing up picture frames *sniff* :D
by Link. November 21, 2010
Started at Sherwood High School, it's when a huge group crowds a bathroom at the end of class and runs out at the same time and tramples shit.
Dawggg u goin to the bathroom party after 6th? And 7th? And 8th?

The idiots had 3 bathroom parties all back-to-back and in the same bathroom!
by Jaw B January 20, 2016
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