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A young woman who takes males into a bathroom and has a "good time " with them
"Oh my gosh, ally is totally the new BATHROOM BANDIT, she brought 3 guys in the bathroom in one night!"
by wheesnaaaw August 09, 2009
10 1
Someone who secretly destroys your bathroom after a night of excessive drinking.
Jodi: "Wow Sanj really messed up our bathroom"
Ashley: "Ya he's a real bathroom bandit!"
by smashley2121 March 15, 2010
5 1
An individual that likes to pound loudly on the bathroom door when someone is using the toilet hopefully scaring them resulting in them urinating on themselves or worse
Co-worker: "Hey man why are your pants so wet did you piss yourself?"

Victim: "No man I was taking a leak in the bathroom and someone beat on the door so hard I pissed all over myself"

Co-worker: Dude the bathroom bandit got you. He got me last week while I was taking a dump"
by Magnum GTA,turds,george bush February 03, 2008
9 13
Jasons gay fucking dog that drinks urine!!!!!! aka basil
Hot damn! this game of wizard shotty is gorgeous but it has got me so hot that i need to make a visit to the bathroom bandit for a piss or shit. Thank you
by The gorgeous attendance slut June 21, 2004
4 44