1. Someone who is simular to a "Bates".
2. A Projector.
3. A person commonly mistaken for a female.
1. "Hey do you know old man Batsey the roofer?"
2. "Bates your such a projector"
2. "Are you a woman Batesy?"
by Duran Duran April 07, 2006
Top Definition
An aggressive chronic condition resulting in an extreme allergic reaction to alcohol. Symptoms include round dodging, compulsive lying about the previous nights alcohol consumption, and a completely hangover free existence.
"God I feel awful after last night, how do you feel?"

"absolutely fine you know I cant booze, I'm batesy"
by ganzilla August 10, 2014
Used to discribe out a chav, scally or general lout
"Look at Batesy over then swigin' a stella in his Nova"

or When you see a scally you can just shout "BATESY"
by MWrench October 25, 2007

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