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Bates(aka Big lipped Bastard)is John Carroll's Hero. Very racist and educated in firearms. Damn Sexy. Very, very big lips. If your listen closely in the halls, you can hear him say "Stupid Nigger!" and "Hell No!". Despite his unusual appearence , Bates takes a hip-hop dance class and can back it up like nobody's buisness.
Whos that guy with those huge ass lips? Ooh that's just Bates.
by Peety Bates. March 09, 2005
29 48
When something is obvious
"It's bate that you were bare prang!"
by MC-Bazil March 28, 2003
453 216
Short for masturbation. See bater
"I'm going to bate and bust a nut."
by x January 31, 2003
376 247
A breath of fresh air. Sexy as hell and the best kind of cool. Looks 15 years younger than he is. Warmly kind. Genuinely caring. He can be alone and doesn't need the attention or reactions of others to know who he is. Comfortable in his own skin and peaceful. Just needs more discretion in the friends he picks.
If a Bates is your man, you're a lucky, lucky girl!!
by SpaGirl123 August 11, 2011
58 18
Bate in parts of southern ireland can define being tired and hungover or bored
Hungover college students saying "i'm bate man"
by spacecakez December 14, 2010
64 46
the act of self pleasure.
"the boy went to his roo mto 'bate"
by kristina. June 14, 2003
18 6
abbreviation for Masturbate.
see the new nude lohan photos?
sure, i haven't had a good 'bate session in a while.
by Mazer86 February 21, 2008
11 4
Awkward or weird.
She's bate or that's bate.
by Big nige May 05, 2013
9 6