Usually intended to describe the largest tower in medievil castles, it is now rather comically used as a euphamism for a penis.
I have a humongous bastille
by Gastroman January 19, 2007
Top Definition
Bastille is an amazing band from London. The members consist of Dan, Kyle, Woody and Will. They are called Bastille because Dan's birthday is on the 14th of July (Bastille Day). Dan is the singer, Kyle is keyboards, Woody is the drums and Will is the guitar/bass. They are known for their songs, "Pompeii", "Bad Blood" and "Flaws", but they have loads of other unreal covers and songs. In other words, they're amazing.
"I really want to see Bastille playing in the Indiependance festival in Mitchelstown, Cork." said Ben
by b_a_s_t_i_l_l_e April 22, 2013
Perfection in the form of 4 extraordinary people who go by the name of Dan, Woody , Will and Kyle. They are best known for songs such as Pompeii that got to number 2 in the UK charts and other songs such as bad blood and flaws who were all written by them. They are a UK band that could quite happily be compared to perfection. The lead singer is Dan smith who first started his career as a solo artist and became a band in 2010.
Did you hear bastilles new song? its perfect.
by bastillesangel October 13, 2013
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