The act of removing letters from words because the populace of your country is to stupid to comprehend them any other way. (A process synonymous with "Butchering")

It probably pisses you guys off that the English language is named after...the English, but why not go and find another middle eastern country to invade or something.
American 1: "Dude, what's aluminium?"
American 2: "I don't know, let's ignore the system international naming protocol of scientific standards, and just call it something else because we can't handle that many syllables!"
American 1: "Hey man, that's a great idea! Hoo-Arr!"
by Myxomatosis August 05, 2005
Top Definition
American English.
"Dude, it's colour, not color, neighbour, not neighbor, grey, not gray. Stop speaking bastardised!"
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
What Americans speak.

It probably pisses you guys off that the rest of the world hates you, but seeing as you only just found out that there actually IS a rest of the world (shock horror) and you barely know who they are, why does it matter, eh?
1. It's fucking JAG-YOU-ARE, not JAG-WAR. The brand is from fucking Britain. It's pronounced however the British pronounce it.

2. America has come pretty far, I think they sent a bloke to space in the 60s or something and have caused one hell of a lot of global warming. So you're right there.

3. Americans do have better oral hygiene, so you're right there too. You can be safe in that knowledge when you're driving around in your fucking stupid pickup truck with a unnecessarily big 7 litre V8 under the bonnet which uses more petrol to go 2 metres than the average British car uses to go 50 miles. The example has to include Bastardised English, so there it is.
by A British Wanker May 14, 2009
How the simple-minded brits misspell "bastardized english"
I am going to go on urban dictionary and mock all those superior americans for their incorrect spelling by spelling bastardised english incorrectly.
by crazytom84 December 14, 2010
What the stupid, inbred, hygiene deficient, snaggle-toothed limeys speak.

I know it probably pisses you guys off that we've come farther in 250 years than you could in about 250,000, but find some country in Africa to be mad at.
It's "aloo-mi-num", not "aloo-mi-ni-um"; "jag-war", not "jag-you-are"; and "toothpaste", not "what the hell is that stuff"?
by John Heinz Kerry November 11, 2004
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