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A fictional television show that is referenced in the 1980s sitcom "The Young Ones." One of the main characters, Vivian (played by Adrian Edmundson) is a punk rocker who is a devoted fan of the show.
Vivian: "Hurray, we've got to get home quick or I'll miss Bastard Squad!"
by RevDrDark February 26, 2009
Bastard Squad are a punk band From Melbourne Australia from the 80s that broke up because the singer went to jail for 10 years but now are back together
Bastard Squad are real punk not like simple plan and good charlotte
by Al Cahol May 12, 2006
1) Any group of individuals (not really, but they like to think they are unique and individual) who use the Microsoft operating sytem Windows and think it is l337 and better than the competition because they are actually sheep and all their gay buddies use it.

2) An association of idiots that needs serious help on de-dumbification brough upon them by using the Windows operating system.
1) Here comes the bastard squad! Quick! Hide the children and the Linux boxes!

2) QUICK! The bastard squad is coming! Get the paddywagons ready! Are their rooms at Fulbourn ready yet?
by OogaBooga March 06, 2004
Homo erotic group of young males who take pleasure in touching themselves and sucking eachothers penis'

They have also been know to insert their penis into other males assholes. They some time are known to do it to there own kind and it is a form a canibalism in their society.
Dont drop the soap, here comes the bastard squad

When the bastard squad is around use a buttplug
by Kunt February 25, 2004
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